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A constructed language initially created as part of a linguistics and anthropology independent study under supervision of Evan Tarshish at Oak Park and River Forest High School in the spring of 2018, but now an ongoing personal project.

sherarma map


An engineering and cryptology study completed in collaboration with Rowen Glusman under supervision of Joyce Gajda in the spring of 2019 at Oak Park and River Forest High School.

enigma rotor

Game Balancing in Dominion: An Approach to Identifying Problematic Game Elements

Paper of original research accepted and presented to the EAAI-22 conference.

In the popular card game Dominion, the configuration of game elements greatly affects the experience for players. If one were redesigning Dominion, therefore, it may be useful to identify game elements that reduce the number of viable strategies in any given game configuration - i.e. elements that are unbalanced. In this paper, we propose an approach that assigns credit to the outcome of an episode to individual elements. Our approach uses statistical analysis to learn the interactions and dependencies between game elements. This learned knowledge is used to recommend elements to game designers for further consideration. Designers may then choose to modify the recommended elements with the goal of increasing the number of viable strategies.

dominion graph

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